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Too much faith. An ally or an enemy?

Is there such thing as "too much faith"? But let us first understand that too much of anything is bad. In any aspect, affecting us mentally, spiritually or physically. But you know when we talk about our faith in God. How should you take it? How would you balance it? When you believe in Him… Continue reading Too much faith. An ally or an enemy?

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13 Reasons Why

"Welcome to your tape." Ok, I just finished the first season of this original Netflix series, and I can't wait for the next season, which i heard would be on 2018. What? Wait.. No! That's almost a year of waiting! Ok fine! Let's talk about Hannah Baker, why? i mean, i know you've shown and I've… Continue reading 13 Reasons Why

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Why do people look down on you?

Ok, so why do people look down on you? Or the question is will you allow them to? Sometimes, you'll be asking yourself why there are kinds of people who would look down upon someone. What could be their reasons, or are they actually aware of this ugly attitude they posses? Should you judge them… Continue reading Why do people look down on you?

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Water flowing through the river Morning fresh air you breathe in Birds freely flying high Innocent child showing smile Tranquil effects it conveys Soothing one's soul. Tight hugs, good deeds, Feed your mind, plant a seed Watered with kindness Scattered compassion Garden of love Reaped and harvested. Buried hatchets, peace of mind Blocked negativity, uninvited… Continue reading Tranquility