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The Sunday Currently V.02

Ciaoo! It's so good to be back after months of being so quiet in the blogging world. The truth is I don't consider myself a blogger yet, lol since Am not really an active writer, uhmm well I thought I would be so but too much stuff has consumed my time, plus I've been in… Continue reading The Sunday Currently V.02

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The Sunday Currently V.1

Hola! This is my first entry to Siddathornton’s The Sunday Currently.  As i am celebrating my first month anniversary as a blogger. Ooohh, did i just call myself a blogger? Lol Anyway, i came across Maine Mendoza's blog over a year ago, (she's the half of Aldub, for those who don't know), she was actually the one… Continue reading The Sunday Currently V.1

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Why do people look down on you?

Ok, so why do people look down on you? Or the question is will you allow them to? Sometimes, you'll be asking yourself why there are kinds of people who would look down upon someone. What could be their reasons, or are they actually aware of this ugly attitude they posses? Should you judge them… Continue reading Why do people look down on you?