About Me!

Heyyah everyone!

I do not know how to start introducing myself. But I believe am a simple woman who wants only a happy and simple life. A person who prioritizes her family.  I am an optimistic person who would always choose to look at the brighter side of things, as much as possible. Since we’re just human and we tend to become weak and broken with life’s challenges. But hey, things happen for a reason. Smile!

I so love to write, i think it is my first love, next to singing or Music, well i do not know which came first but i love both. haha So sad that i started this blog a bit late. Anyway, i also paint and draw but am no-expert. I do photography, the husband and i’s sideline job is Photo Coverage, (baptism, wedding, birthdays etc..)

I love Sunsets, Gosh! Who doesn’t? haha I love the nature, i love Green, the trees, the sky, stars and the moon. Oh and I love Cheese, any kind of Cheese! And bread! yay! and spicy food too! geeezz

Am a sweet little kid who appreciates the littlest of things. Simple gestures and simple things make me happy.

Am a compassionate daughter of God who has a very strong faith in HIM.

Hope you get to know me, when you read every piece of me here in my Blog.