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Dear Self

I would just like to give you a pat in the back

As life may be tough, and may seem not fair enough

Even if at times it’s hard to breathe, coz the air is thick

You kept breathing and didn’t let yourself to suffocate.

Even if life throws you a curveball

You’ve been hit hard, you stumble

Even if the wind knocked out of your sail,

You reminded yourself, you can never fail.

When there were darkest days, you were in the darkest place,

Seemed lost in space, couldn’t recognize your own face

Clouded vision, drowned in gray clouds,

Still you managed to pull yourself out.

When you haven’t passed your Saturn Return

Everything seemed beyond comprehension

Unhappy about the course your life seems to be headed

You chose to get up and rise to greatness.

Your strength became you, no one else can save you

You learnt to roll with the punches, whatever the universe launches,

Having a resilient heart, a strong and brave fighter

In case no one has told you, I am proud of you, Warrior.


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