Creative Writing · December · Poem · Poetry · Self Care


It is something in between chaos and order

A tug of war, clueless how to win it over.

Engulfed by it, wanting to run away,

Cluttered mind, will it be here to stay?


Caught up in between sanity and lunacy,

Messing up your head, guess it’s unity.

Disturbances, imbalances, joining together,

Creating a storm, facing  bad weather.


A fine line between crazy and okay,

Blending in, leading you astray.

Losing oneself then finding the way back,

Gotta keep going to get back in track.


But despite the insanity, you’ve found clarity,

A comfort in chaos, there is serenity.

A reward of tranquility, a gift of poetry,

A released of emotions that has set you free.










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