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Lip balm to Lip Unglam

Part of my face that I would focus on taking care of, are my Lips. Since, i honestly do not know how to put some make up. A dab of lipstick and an eyelash curler are my only mates. And contrary to what other girls or women feel when they are wearing make up, that it would help them to boost their confidence or simply because that’s their passion. Me, when i put some heavy foundation, lose or liquid, i do really feel uncomfortable at times, i feel like am having a very thick face or i don’t know, i probably haven’t found the best product for me, or i have an ugly skin lol. Or is it probably because the husband always leave a better or nicer compliment when i have less make up. He always say, I’m prettier when I’m pale, lol. But hey, i really wanted to learn to apply make up, but even if I’ve watched so many make up videos/tutorials. I just don’t learn from it. Lol

Anyway, back to the topic that i would like to discuss here and what I am going through right now. I just feel so sad, upset, irritated and all because this Lip Balm, ok I’ll name it, EOS Lip Balm, that I’ve been using for years suddenly made my lips dry and burning. sniff sniff. I’ve read online that there was a Class Action Lawsuit filed against EOS Lip Balm. At first i felt itchiness on my lower lip, then it started to get dry and flaky. I took it for granted since i thought i have the best lip balm. I would usually apply it at night before going to sleep, but when it started to feel dry, i would apply twice, in the morning before going to work, just the lip balm, no lipstick or anything. So i thought, my lips were just sunburned coz it’s already summer, yes my upper lip feels burned too. I continued to reapply everytime. But as i continue to use, it’s getting worse, and that’s when i hit Mister Google and found out about it. Ugh. Now my lips are so dry, especially the edges and whenever i try to stretch it, it feels like it’s going to tear off. Plus, the upper lip has black dots like it was really burned. Yikes. I seriously don’t know how i feel, whenever i vent out on the husband, it’s as if it’s not a big deal for him, but it is for me! He always says, Am still pretty! Lol. But am soo disturbed with it, right now I am applying Extra virgin olive oil on my lips and drinking lots of water.

Has anyone experienced this? Should i complain and join the class action suit? Lol Could you be of help please and share what you did to have your lips get back to normal and healthy lèvres?


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