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City of Love

This is a long overdue travel post,  I decided to write about it since I’ve no blog yet when we had our trip to this City of Love, Paris! Yay!

Yay! Kilig Face

It was actually just a whole-day trip but we made the most out of it. So glad that i wore the most comfortable shoes that day, since all we did was walk and walk. haha We were a group of friends anyway, so i never felt any kind of tiredness or complaints. lol We did just enjoy every moment we were walking the streets of Paris.


We were able to visit the Louvre Museum and the Love Lock Bridge (Ponte des Arts bridge) but we didn’t throw a key on the Seine River nor leave a Lock on the bridge, we are all married anyway, haha. You know i can’t remember why we had to take a Metro/Subway and where were we headed. Haha My memories are killing me already. Anyway, we were lucky that we were able to visit the Love Lock Bridge before all those padlocks were removed. Understandable anyway. (Shared  this photo of me and the husband on the bridge, which was a favorite of my deceased father who passed away 1 month after this photo was taken. This one always leaves a pinch in my heart every time. Excuse the drama. *sniff sniff)


We also passed by Notre Dame Cathedral, and of course, you know one of  Filipino’s Superstitious belief, that whenever you go inside a church for the first time, going out you have to knock at the door three times and make a wish. Which we did, you got nothing to lose anyway!  Oh and we passed over the Arc de Triomphe also, we walked from there back to the Eiffel Tower. You know we had to see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night. And it was so beautiful. Do you also feel that “kilig” when you’re too happy over something and not just with your crush or boyfriend. haha That’s what i felt when i first laid my eyes on the Eiffel Tower especially at night. Ugh


You know what actually, these photos didn’t do justice to the Eiffel Tower, it was more beautiful when it is right there in front of you. We’ll definitely be back, hopefully when we are already a family of three. You know what i mean. haha Right now, I’m more excited to travel back to my home and have a very decent vacation and rest.


À la prochaine, Paris!



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