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Too much faith. An ally or an enemy?

Is there such thing as “too much faith”? But let us first understand that too much of anything is bad. In any aspect, affecting us mentally, spiritually or physically. But you know when we talk about our faith in God. How should you take it? How would you balance it? When you believe in Him soo much, trusting His Words and Promises. And when you’ve actually done your part, you’ve listened and followed Him. And yeah, it also seemed like you’ve actually talked to Him when you’ve asked for signs, and surprisingly, no, let’s use another term, and ‘surely’ He responded and showed exactly the signs you requested Him to show you. And you were soo soo hopeful and optimistic that He’ll grant you whatever it is that you wished for. Why? ‘Cos He heard you, yes! He showed all those signs!

But no! You were wrong! He disappointed you! Oh yes, we’re talking about God! He made you wait, expect and hope for something that isn’t going to happen. (Yet!) And you were mad, mad at Him. And you had so many whys. And you kept on asking, “why do you have to make me taste it, if you’re not going to give it to me wholly?”

But then, is it really God or was it you? It was probably your own understanding. Was it you being too optimistic? Has your faith taken you to another level of believing and being too unrealistic? And it wasn’t to God that you actually have that ‘faith’ but to your own faith that what you want, you will get right away. Didn’t you ever think that perhaps the signs were not meant to happen at your time, but in God’s time. And then here comes the true test of faith. God knows the best for you, so should you believe and trust Him and only Him. Proverbs 3:5

So, i guess there’s no such thing as too much or less faith. Nor it was an ally or an enemy. It is always you and how you see God as the navigator of your life. Just keep on believing and trusting no matter what. He has His reasons, we may not understand His will but He’s the greatest, He’s the Creator, and you are one of His best creations. He only wants the best and nothing but the best for you. *wink




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