Month Anniversary · The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently V.1

Hola! This is my first entry to Siddathornton’s The Sunday Currently.  As i am celebrating my first month anniversary as a blogger. Ooohh, did i just call myself a blogger? Lol Anyway, i came across Maine Mendoza’s blog over a year ago, (she’s the half of Aldub, for those who don’t know), she was actually the one who rang a bell on me and reminded me that “hey, it has been a while, Write!” 


Reading Siddathornton’ Sunday Currently Vo.121. Since i am just new to this, i’ve to check the format and the sequence. Lol

Writing my first sunday currently. Haha 

Listening to the sounds and screams of those kids enjoying and playing around here in the Park, coz am right here outside waiting for some relatives to finish their Zumba Contest. 

Thinking about what to do after, will do some grocery shopping probably and will finish my painting when i got home.

 Smelling some fresh air. Lol does the air have smell? Ahm let’s just say, I’m inhaling some fresh air haha

Wishing to lose some weight, lose some pounds in a snap of a finger please.. lol after watching those who danced their heart out (Zumba) and wanting to have toned arms right away. Like subito! Haha

Hoping for a productive and positive Monday and/or weekdays. oh well its all up to me.

Wearing a denim shorts and a very light Bershka blouse with a removable rose patch on the left chest, because Summer came so early here in Italy. 

Loving the weather so much. 

Wanting to go home haha i feel like i’ve got more things to do at home. 

Needing a lotion with uv/uvb protection for this coming sunny weather, i know i’ll be more exposed with Mister Sun. Need some protection for the skin.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable sitting on this bench in a park. I’ll be moving my ass up right now since i just finished this. Haha  

Till the next! 


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