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13 Reasons Why

“Welcome to your tape.”

Ok, I just finished the first season of this original Netflix series, and I can’t wait for the next season, which i heard would be on 2018. What? Wait.. No! That’s almost a year of waiting! Ok fine! Let’s talk about Hannah Baker, why? i mean, i know you’ve shown and I’ve heard the 13 reasons why, but why? LOL Do you know that feeling of wanting to comfort her? “Hey, am here Hannah! Please don’t!?”

This entry has been on my draft for a while now, and finally i will be able to finish it today. I was just thinking, aren’t you going to feel better if you are able to release your emotions, Hannah had her means by releasing it on the tape. I do when i write. Oh no, but Hanna didn’t release her emotions there, she just basically tells her stories. And that is one of the problems of young people, afraid of speaking up, opening up about how they feel. I wonder why, probably because they are scared that no one would listen or would believe them, that what they are going thru doesn’t mean anything, no biggie, so they would rather keep it to themselves. Ugh, that’s making me feel upset. You have your parents and family. People these days, i guess especially the teens, they get validation from others, from others opinions of them. Okay, i’ve been a teen as well, and am so glad to share that i grew up being open to my family, especially to my mother, i would share my stories to her everytime. And i may not be a parent yet, but this series has taught me a lesson or two, that i could apply in the future. Ok, am not going to jot down all those things you’ll learn from this beautiful series, you just gotta see it! I just love that the characters are from different races, and i’ve read online, that there’s going to have an audition for the second season, am just not sure if the site was legit or not. lol But was hoping that i could see a Filipina there. LoL Anyway, can i just say a word about some of my favorite characters from season one. I just find Katherine Langford/Hannah so hot and her Australian accent, Oh and Dylan aka Clay i don’t know, i hate him for being so “torpe” and not saying that he loves Hannah, but i love his character. Ross/Zach hey! I crush you! Lol his voice is just so Thor-y/Chris Hemsworth/y haha. How about a Love/Hate relationship with Justin Foley? I so feel bad for him. I won’t talk about Bryce coz i so love… love to slap him! Lol

Ok, Ok, so i got no choice but to wait, i’ll be binge-watching Netflix right now, i was thinking what to watch between Stranger Things and Sense 8, but chose the first one, since i saw those kids and i love kids! lol Am on my second episode. What else can you recommend? Ok, Got to go now.


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