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Ten Thousand Folds



Conceited I was to deem that I have the absolute knowledge,

With people around, with love, with life, even with myself.

Proud and aloud, to the world I scream I am  clever,

But only half about life I have yet to discover.


Love and Marriage, and the person i tied the knot with,

All about him, everyday, deep and deeper I should dig.

Discover the littlest of things, with him I found learnings,

God was never wrong, everything was all proven.


What weโ€™ve been through and  what we will go through,

God is the most clever, our lives it was Him who drew.

The ugly, the unpleasant points we have yet to face,

Could be a blessing in disguise I could ever  taste.


Yesterday I distrusted, uncertainty was my mate,

Residing in my heart was grudges, despise and hate.

Comprehend and recognize, you should know how I felt,

Vainglorious as I am, help out and let it melt.


Dealing together with lifeโ€™s ups and downs,

With him around, in my face thereโ€™s no more frown.

Indeed he has brought out the best in me,

And acknowledge the not so good part of me.


Undoubtedly God is the most amazing,

Remarkable love life He has given me.

A partner in life I have been asking for,

Was given ten thousand folds.


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