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Lights and Doors


There was an open door
And you saw the light
You walked through that lane
Leading you to the path
You hit the road, paddled your own canoe.

Storm is brewing, whilst driving your way
Carry on! So you went straight ahead
There were bumps, there were humps
But go ahead! You can weather the storm!

Bordering on your destination
Touchdown! You can’t wait to mention
How about accelerate and pedal to the metal
Hush! Hang around! Calm! Simmer down!

But the eye of the storm, has reared its ugly head
Its horrendous appearance came forth and manifested
You were frozen, were dismayed
It has all blown up in your face!

You were down in the dumps
You can’t get a grip on yourself
Disheartened, you were sobbing
Hopelessness was all you were feeling.

But after a storm comes a calm
You picked yourself up and now your homebound
Well rested, you were awakened
Oh how good does it sound?

You put on your thinking cap
You put on a brave face
Move forward,forget the burdensome days
There are open windows, there are open doors
You’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel.
So buckle up! Gear up! And be ready for a promising travel.

       Posting this poem i wrote four months ago. It was about a failure, about something that i’ve been longing to have/be. Every stanza of this was written from the deepest part of my heart, as every verse has a corresponding story. Right now, i’m getting myself ready for soon i’ll be starting all over again, a bit of nervous and afraid that it will fail once again, but  am not focusing on that negative feeling, i don’t wanna welcome it! So, am living in the moment, i won’t worry much! What’s meant to happen, will happen! *wink                                         


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