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Why do people look down on you?

Ok, so why do people look down on you? Or the question is will you allow them to?

Sometimes, you’ll be asking yourself why there are kinds of people who would look down upon someone. What could be their reasons, or are they actually aware of this ugly attitude they posses? Should you judge them or despise them or just try to understand them as long as you can, even if you were being trampled upon? Should you always choose compassion and comprehension towards people who are trying to belittle and disesteem you?

First, let us try to figure it out why they act like that? Literally speaking, when you are looking down , you are standing on a higher place, you are above them. That’s exactly it! You look down on others, to ELEVATE yourself! Right! They consider themselves SUPERIOR! They have to maintain and boost their self-esteem by looking down on others because they will feel good about it. Yes! Always about them, a very inconsiderate and egotistic well-being who are inexcusably self-centered. And another thing, they are never a good-listener, they will never let you speak, you shut up and they’ll do the talking. They should always be the one to be in control, because they are the boss. You should obey them.

Okay, that one is so upsetting and maddening person or topic ( i bet you can feel the anger in me while i wrote that paragraph haha). Le’s go into another type, a more serene one, of person or reason why one has to look down on others. JEALOUSY and Envy, they look down on others in order to have an excuse to overlook their own defects and thus feel better about themselves. Again, it’s always about them, them and them only. They would find fault in you, and search for your flaws, and would make themselves believe that they are better than you that’s why they choose to look down on you. Sometimes, they would refuse to see the good and/or when they see you as a threat to their well-being, because you’ve shown them your capability and potentiality, they would feel insecure thus they would start to say these awful things about you.  That’s a tactic they use in order for them to feel good and to make the other person feel bad about themselves. But this kind could be a good human being, they’ve just been eaten up by jealousy.

So, how are you going to deal with them? Easier said than done, but always choose the good side, take the higher road. Just because, they treat you so meanly, doesn’t necessarily mean you should reciprocate with bad deeds. (1 PETER 3:9) And remember the Golden Rule! Do not do unto others, what you don’t want others do unto you. Okay, Let’s all not practice hypocrisy, once in our life, we’ve been jealous of others. But just don’t look down on others and treat other people so poorly just because you are above them. You know, this boils down to SELFISHNESS-the root of all evilAnd while we are all human, imperfect, at least, show some compassion and respect. And lastly, know your worth, you should know when to defend yourself when you are being push down to that level, but still choose your battles, don’t sweat the little stuff. Remember the importance of SELF-WORTH, keep in mind that “Your Value doesn’t decrease based on Someone’s Inability to see your Worth”. 

So why do people look down on you? Because they are blinded by their self-centeredness. Is it your problem? No, so don’t stress about it! Be yourself, live your life, focus on  on how you can do better in life and how you can improve yourself as a human being. Pray, meditate! Don’t let them ruin your inner peace!


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