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Adopting a Fur Baby

A dog! A pup! Such a cutie! Adorable! Sweet little puppy! Ugh why adopt a pet? You spend bucks to vet visits, vaccines, food, etc.. Why not make babies yet, for real? And the list goes on. Mixed reactions you'd be hearing from around you. But first and foremost, a pet, a dog, is not… Continue reading Adopting a Fur Baby

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Dear Self

I would just like to give you a pat in the back As life may be tough, and may seem not fair enough Even if at times it's hard to breathe, coz the air is thick You kept breathing and didn't let yourself to suffocate. Even if life throws you a curveball You've been hit… Continue reading Dear Self

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The Sunday Currently V.1

Hola! This is my first entry to Siddathornton’s The Sunday Currently.  As i am celebrating my first month anniversary as a blogger. Ooohh, did i just call myself a blogger? Lol Anyway, i came across Maine Mendoza's blog over a year ago, (she's the half of Aldub, for those who don't know), she was actually the one… Continue reading The Sunday Currently V.1